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About RIPSnet

RIPSnet: Who We Are

AXXIS Petroleum created in response to the desire of petroleum suppliers and marketers alike who were seeking a more reliable and affordable daily price notification system.  RIPSnet leverages Internet technology to bring value-add, two-way communications applications that make sense for the entire industry.  Whether you are a large refiner or a small jobber, RIPSnet is for you:
Refiners & Suppliers:

1. Reduce your monthly price notification bill
2. Faster processing and delivery of your prices downstream
3. Customer delivery confirmation
4. File encryption available
5. Fast customer service when you need it
6. Fast access to your historical prices

Large Marketers:
1. Eliminate the problems associated with satellite reception
2. Less than half the cost of a color satellite receiver
3. Roving access to your prices and messages
4. Request retransmission of prices right over the Internet
5. Fast access to your historical prices
6. Affordable price capture & analysis software available from the industry leader
Small Marketers:
1. Your own daily price pages at instead of fax
2. Fax available

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