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Frequently Asked Questions?

To best view the web site what should be the Desktop Area setting?

Screen settings should be 800 x 600 or greater.

How long are the historical prices kept on file?

The prices are kept on file for a period of one month (approximately 30 days).

How do I get a printout of my Supplier's prices?

Most Internet browsers have a printer icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Press this icon to print any information on the screen. If your screen does not have this icon, from the File menu, select Print.

When I press the 'ENTER' key, my computer beeps and does not display the next page.

This is a browser (Microsoft and Netscape) related problem. Internet Explorer version 5.x and later will display the next page.

If my Internet Connection goes down, how will I receive my prices?

As part of the Marketer's information, you complete your preferred method of alternate delivery. You are given the choice of AT&T EasyLink or fax and at what time should the alternate delivery automatically process.

Why do I need to reenter the User-ID and Password?

If you have not refreshed your screen within the last 15 minutes, a time-out occurs. You need to keep your screen active



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